Monday, 2 November 2009

Twitter fixed my dishwasher

A few weeks ago I blogged about how Twitter had helped me with my son's maths homework. Well here's another Twitter story for you.

On Wednesday last week I was working from home to get some marking done. I'd spent about an hour the previous evening trying to fix our dishwasher. I'm not very good at white goods maintenance but I knew enough to clean out the various filters and the pump and find the reset function. Unfortunately it still didn't work - I could get the numbers to light up but no water would flow into the machine. I thought it was well and truly bust.

Then I had an idea, why not ask on Twitter how to fix it. So that's what I did...

At 10.06 am on 28 October I tweeted the following - 'Is anyone any good at fixing dishwashers? Cleaned filters and pump last night but still bust'

And at 10.16 am I got the following reply '@stujohnson Sometimes you need to tip them forward a LOT ie over 45 degrees to reset the "safety" microswitch'

Which in a spare 5 minutes later in the morning I did. And lo and behold - it worked! So, thank you to Twitter and thank you to @adijeff, who you should definitely follow if you have any white goods maintenance queries!