Sunday, 1 July 2012


Well after having had my head down all week planning and writing for our Employability Summit I've made a school boy error and not given a moments thought to its amplification. But with a good core of active tweeters coming and a very topical issue the amplification should still work well. So, things I've just thought about
  • I've decided the hash tag will be #empysummit (which looks a bit too much like 'empty' but 'employability' is just too long and I know Mark likes 'empy')
  • I'll put up some signs with the hashtag on in the venue  first thing tomorrow morning (if you're coming - don't forget its in the Henry Building now)
  • I'll put the tag on Twitterfall at the beginning and during the breaks
What else do indeed to do? Do I need to do anything for Google Plus? And please retweet, comment, re post!