Monday, 27 April 2009

IT peer support

Well, the IT peers support paper has been sent to our Student Experience Enhancement Committee and we'll wait and see what they say about it on 8 May. The paper requests funding for a 12 month 0.5 post to coordinate an IT peer support scheme. The costs of the project don't include the cost of paying students to do the peer support because we're asking for volunteers to join an IT peer support programme validated by the Leicester Award. We're hoping it will prove an innovative and helpful way of extending the IT peer support available to both campus-based students and distance learners alike. Do you know anyone else who is doing something similar? Does anyone have any advice.


  1. I've already had a chat with Stu about this, but would be interested to see what happens and how it works for you. We're in the process of reviewing our current support ( so all ideas welcome.

  2. We provide student support for lecturers in using the equipment in lecture theatres and seminar rooms.

  3. sounds good Stuart - good luck :-)

  4. If anyone has any queries about the Leicester Award feel free to ask me.
    At the moment we are aiming to launch a new structure for the programme. There will be 4 or 5 themes to the Leicester Award (So far we have "Leadership and Management", "Community Engagement", "Sustainability" and possibly "Business and Enterprise" and "Professional & Career Development" - but these may change if we find better titles!)
    Programmes will fit into one of these themes and students who successfully complete a programme will have that title on their academic record.
    So, for example a student who completed Tomorrow's Managers in their 2nd year would receive "Leicester Award: Leadership and Management" on their transcript. The same student might also complete one of our volunteering programmes in their final year and would then receive "Leicester Award: Community Engagement" on their transcript. And so on...
    It is still a work in progress but the aim is to make it possible for more students to gain the Leicester Award through existing programmes (and programmes in development such as Stuart's IT peer support project).

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