Monday, 27 June 2011

Staff pages revamp

By dannyasmith
I'm struggling to find time to think about our staff pages, which are desperately in need of a revamp. I'm hoping that putting up a quick blog post will help me gather my thoughts and perhaps gain some inspiration from helpful commenters...

I've had a quick look at: Durham's, Lancaster's, Manchester's and Warwick's (some of you will know why I started with these ;) I didn't get many ideas from them but it has made me think we need to make our DLHE data more prominent (currently it's tucked away in the Career Development pages for students). Also, advice for personal tutors (Durham) seems a good idea, as does a link to JobShop (Manchester's Jobs On Campus). But the best site I've found for staff pages is Exeter's, which includes:

  • a staff guide to employability
  • how they work with colleges/departments
  • a section for Careers and Employability Reps (we call ours Careers Tutors)
  • they also have some materials for group tutorials - but I need to figure out how they use these
So, I might be borrowing some of these ideas. What else do we need?


  1. Maybe I'm being partisan but take a look at Edinburgh...

  2. Do you mean the staff bit?