Thursday, 21 July 2011

Google+ and Google contacts on mobile device

Snappy title, eh?

Last night Jane was commenting on Google+ how much she liked Google+ when I noticed that I could see her full home address on her profile.

Which, clearly was a bit worrying. But after a bit of digging around Jane figured out that it was because I was viewing the mobile site and Google was taking the personal information I hold in my Google contacts on my iPad and merging them into Jane's Google+ profile.

Which I confirmed by taking a screenshot of her profile with the original contact information (don't worry Jane - I've blurred the details!).

...and then changing Jane's address in my Google contacts and then opening the mobile page again.

Add it worked. As you can imagine, Jane was very relieved.


By the way, while I'm here can I link up my blog to automatically publish to Google plus? After a quick search I can't see how to do it.


  1. Guess that's the same, really, as Facebook & anything else that integrates with a phone book; it pulls everything together for the phone owner.

    It does, however, make me wary of storing other people's information on my phone; somehow it seems more vulnerable to theft than my (paper) address book, even though I don't have any form of password etc., on the address book as I do on the phone. And I'd probably notice I'd lost the phone quicker, too!

  2. It's a handy place to put the info though