Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Does anyone want any data?

Years ago (when I did a different job) I developed these plagiarism tutorials. There are now 17 of them and between them they've had tens of thousands of views. A while back I made them creative commons so that other people could make their own. Over time I've collected more than 1,000 responses to the questions that formed a survey at the end of the tutorial (the survey is currently bust and I need to fix it, but that's another story). The questions I asked were:
  1. Which version of the tutorial did you do?
  2. I found this tutorial interesting (1 = strongly agree, 4 = strongly disagree)
  3. I found this tutorial easy to use (1 = strongly agree, 4 = strongly disagree)
  4. I found this tutorial informative (1 = strongly agree, 4 = strongly disagree)
  5. The best bit about the tutorial was...
  6. The tutorial could be improved by...
Is this data of use to anyone? I don't have time to analyse it but there might be some interesting stuff in it. Let me know if you want it.

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