Thursday, 22 December 2011

I'm looking for more careers tweeters

January 2011 was the first time I attended the AGCAS Heads of Service conference. I was very new to careers stuff then (still am!) and it was a really useful chance to meet people. I'm looking forward to the conference this January, not least because I'm attending an additional day on 4 January for deputies and new heads. Our soon-to-be Director of Careers, Bob Athwal (you'll need to scroll down a bit) will also be there so it will be a good opportunity to spend some time with him too. What I'd also really like is to find some other careers tweeters. My network is mostly made up of learning development and e-learning people (which I love!), but I need to find some good careers tweeters too. Last year on the conference there were only 4 of us tweeting (to my knowledge) but only 2 of us are still current (on careers stuff at least. So, does anyone know any more? They don't have to be heads of service, or even in HE, just people who say useful stuff about careers and employability on twitter.

(Couldn't leave that hot water post at the top of the list for long).

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