Monday, 4 June 2012

Switching to Blogger

I've just switched from a hosted WordPress site to Blogger, for various reasons:
  • I fancied trying a different platform
  • Blogger seems to have got much better recently
  • Alan knows best
  • it's completely free (though not as flexible as WordPress but flexible enough for my needs)
  • it's ad free (unlike the free version of WP)
  • I'm also determined to make the most of Google Plus and Blogger seems to integrate much better
  • Maybe the novelty of a new platform will get me back into the blogging habit
I need to figure out the gadgets and the table function is poor (non-existent) but it's clean and crisp and simple. I'm looking forward to making the most of it. I haven't yet decided whether to redirect my old site - just exported the old stuff from WP then imported to Blogger (which was very straightforward - though I might do some tidying up later)


  1. I am a long-term fan of Blogger. My favorite aspect is that it is very javascript-friendly. The free hosted version of WordPress is completely UN-friendly to javascripts. I like to put random content in my blog sidebars and I build the javascripts with a free tool built by one of my students ( - so the first question I always ask about a blogging platform is how javascript-friendly it is. I hope you will enjoy Blogger! :-)

    1. Thanks Laura my first comment on Blogger ;-) I shall look up the java gadget

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