Friday, 1 February 2013

Systems thinking next steps

I feel like I'm going round in circles.

A quick brain dump following a couple of systems thinking meetings, including one with the Systems Thinking Intervention Manager and one with my boss and 4 other members of the team.
  • We've revised (and hopefully finalised, our purpose - "Help me get the graduate work or further study that I want" (the '"that I want" bit is quite brave - we might revisit that bit)
  • We need to think about data that we have to verify our assumption that students who engage with us early are more likely to gain graduate work or graduate study
  • As part of our demand capture we need to record actions taken and whether or not the demand was 'one stop', 'passed' on' or 'passed back'
  • We need to be careful that our codifying of data doesn't loose the richness and need to be particularly careful to ensure that demand is captured in the customer's own words (not our interpretation to fit our neat categories)
  • We need to look at the last 2 months of demand capture more carefully to infer what matters to customers and therefore determine what we should measure
  • We need to get the whole team on board with this
More to follow - I bet you're finding this fascinating

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