Thursday, 6 June 2013

Quick NACE reflections (part one)

Well it's day 3 of the NACE 2013 conference and I've got a bit of reflection time. This is more of a 'note to self' than for anyone else's benefit as I need more time to reflect, but just so I capture a few thoughts...

The sessions I've been to so far are:
  1. Keynote Address: Jeremy Gutsche “Exploiting Chaos”
  2. Motivating Your Students to Get on the Ball
  3. Limitless Opportunities for Student Engagement
  4. The Future of Career Services: Challenges and Opportunities
The keynote was loads better than I expected. Jeremy Gutsche's message was very apposite given the current context in which careers services are operating in, both in the UK and US. The importance of an engaging,cwell connected message that links specifically to 'what exactly are you trying to do' was helpful.

The Limitless Opportunities for Student Engagement session was very useful. The careers service at NYU has clearly made a big impact in terms of student engagement with their #iamlimitless campaign. It was a great example of people relatively new to social media just getting on and doing it without any 'expert' help. The trick will be though to translate engagement into results. Something I'm looking forward to talking to with them about when we visit NYU on Monday.

The most fascinating session was the Future of Careers Services. It was clearly a popular session with, I reckon, at least 500 people attending. The really interesting thing for me was that the US are battling with exactly the same issues as us - student engagement, scalability, hard measures, flexibility of service delivery and institutional responsibility. I'm pleased to say we're in the process of addressing all of these at Leicester, but we have much to learn from our US colleagues. 

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