Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I need a good sort out

Over the years I've used a whole bunch of web tools for different things. The tools I use most in both a work and a non-work context are:

One of the keys to their usefulness is that all work well on mobile, tablet and desktop and sync seamlessly across these platforms (apart from Diigo - the apps for which aren't great and I find it only works really well on a desktop - so I email to Diigo and tag later). I use GoodReader on my iPad to view documents offline (it syncs with Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Exchange) and is particularly good for annotating PDFs.

But before I leave for Bristol I need to do a good tidy up of all these different tools. How I use them has evolved, and the tools themselves have evolved as well, so which one I use for what has become a bit blurred in places. I especially need to sort out my tags and notebooks in Evernote and decide if I need to use Dropbox at all or whether I can just use Google Drive.

Does anyone have any tips?

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