Friday, 12 February 2010

Chromed Bird

Just had a little twitter conversation with Alan re Chrome Bird. It went like this:

I said: 'Chrome bird is great - discrete and not intrusive but easy to use when you want it'

So here I am... I'm having to work from home today so I get to use the full version of Google Chrome rather than Chrome portable (which is I use at work because I don't have permsission to install the full browser). Chrome portable is great but I can't get it to do extensions (I'm told it does but I haven't had time to figure it yet). To get round this problem I've been using Twhirl but I've been finding its constant presence a bit annoying - especially when working on a small screen.  So as I'm working from home I thought I'd see what Chrome extensions had to offer.

You get a very long list of extensions if you just put 'Twitter' into the search box, but if you Google 'chrome extension twitter' - top of the list is Chromed Bird. And like I said on my tweet I think it's discrete and not intrusive but easy to use when you want it. It has loads in the options too.But then again, Gaz says that Free Bird is better.


  1. Hmmm, kwout doesn't seem to work in Chrome. Might have to stop using kwout then...

  2. kwout works well in my Chrome. Of course its firefox add-on isn't available in Chrome though.