Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Why I really like Sreenr

This is just a quick post to say how useful I've been finding screenr lately. There are lots of reasons why I like screenr, here a just a few:
  • it doesn't require installation - so no need to bother IT Services;
  • it's really easy to use - no specialist expertise is required (I showed it to a non-tech colleague the other day and he couldn't believe how easy it was);
  • you can create basic screencasts quickly - like this one;
  • you can also create more polished screencast animations when combined with PowerPoint (or similar) - like this one;
  • you get options re how you want to publish it - including embedding (see image);
  • if you upload to YouTube you can even add closed captions - which I blogged about a while ago.
There are of course some downsides, so just to be balanced...
  • you have to have a Twitter account (but there's no reason why you can't set one up under a pseudonym and protect your updates);
  • you can't edit the screencast in screenr (but there is a pause button so you can take a breath - and if you downloaded the mp4 file I think you could edit it then);
  • there is a maximum time limit of 5 minutes (but this is a brilliant idea - any longer than 5 minutes is very dull!)


  1. I also like Screenr.

    Even with the five minutes maximum time limit, if you make a few you can then download them in MP4 format and string them together in an movie editing application such as iMovie or use an online service like Pixorial. You could then also add titles, etc...


  2. I've never used Screenr and have heard many good things about it. I just thought I'd post a quick mention that I've recently become a fan of the Mac Quicktime Player version 10, which records screen recordings as well as movies and audio recordings. It costs nothing, but I think it only works with the latest Mac OS which is 10.6 and higher (Snow Leopard). Saves instantly as a .mov and has a built-in "save to Youtube" menu selection. Just FYI:-)

  3. Oh yes, and it plays on an iPhone/Touch!

  4. Hi Stuart,

    I found your blog through the Tag Surfer on I'm a fan of screenr too so I'm tracking the tag for it. I recorded a video the other day and your blog shows up. If you want to take a look you can visit my blog or watch it on YouTube.

    I also use screencast-o-matic, which has a couple of extra editing features that I like.

    Thanks for the post.

  5. I didn't know that - clever. Thanks