Monday, 19 April 2010

Chrome portable

Just saw a very helpful tweet from Jo Badge about Chrome portable.
I've just installed it (to My Documents - doesn't require any permissions) and it and the extensions work a treat (the extensions weren't available on the previous portable version). The extensions I've put in are the ones I already have at home on the the full version - Chromed BirdGoogle Mail CheckerDiigo Web Highlighter and Bookmark, and RSS Subscription Extension (by Google). I've also added ChromeMilk - but I might just keep that as a tab to the full site on my home pages. I should probably find one for RSS too. Any other suggestions?

So, thank you to Jo, and thank you to the nice people at PortableApps.


It's just been pointed out to me that it has inbuilt flash too - even better!


  1. so far I only added RTM (chrome milk) and a delicious one. Was thinking about adding gmail but probably not many more.
    I saw a Google reader extension which may be your best bet for reading feeds - easy to read on the iTouch (with wifi).