Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday Facebook fink

I've been feeling a bit behind the curve with Facebook pages lately (even though I've thought quite a lot about them in the past six months). I'm aware that there have been several significant changes to pages in the last week or so but I just haven't had chance to read up on them. It's interesting to watch it slowly become more friendfeed-like since they acquired it.

I've been really pleased with how our Student Development page has continued to grow and I've been beginning to think I should be doing more with it than just pushing RSS into it from our website and getting our helpdesk to post to it via Hootsuite. We are beginning to see more interactions but I'd like to think about how to encourage these more. So I'm looking forward to seeing David Morgan again this afternoon, who set up (I wish I'd been quick enough to grab a decent page name) to chat through some ideas. What a nice way to spend an hour on a Fridat afternoon :)

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