Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ideas for this year's team building day

After the success of last year's team building day where we did a community project at a local primary school I'm struggling to think of something for this year. It's not something I've been involved with before - the previous ones were organised by my predecessor, Maria. The trouble with the last one was that it was so good in will be difficult to top. It also took our Volunteering Team a lot of time to organise - something that is going to be less available this year.

We had a bit of a brainstorm at our last team meeting in January - the suggestions that we came up with ranged from more volunteering (most people were extremely positive about last year) to things that were 'just for fun'. I'm not sure we have any university guidelines as to what we can and can't do - but clearly budget will be a factor in what we choose. Also it needs to be something that everyone can do. I blogged about some other factors here.

Has anyone got any thoughts or experience of what has or hasn't worked for them?


  1. @stujohnson ah but I can comment when I'm on Chrome. Hey ho. Lab day out fodder here is usually Alton Towers, Canal boat trip or outdoor pursuits centre. Much more on the social element here in science... ;-) In terms of budget, people pay to go, not paid for by department.

  2. Helpful, ta. Wonder why comments not working on IE. I shall look into. Ta

  3. Ooohhh Alton Towers would be so much fun!

    I'm torn between the 'doing something for the communty' and 'just doing something fun.' Last year worked really well because it was something for the community and something fun!

    I guess if I was pushed, I'd say something fun would be the first priority and if it also turned out to be something that was community based even better!

  4. I agree that, given the year we've had, something fun is probably in order. However, the problem is that we won't all agree on what constitutes 'fun' (and the inherent obligation to 'have fun')!, whereas it's much easier to agree on whether something's for the benefit of the community.