Tuesday, 16 August 2011

12 month acting-up-iversary

By cleverboy68
Well, today is my 12 month acting-up-ivesary. I reflected on the start of it here and the six month-er here. In many ways not much has changed since the six month mark, in other ways a lot has. The main change has been that Paul Jackson, the previous Director of Student Support and Development, left in the middle of April - so I've picked up elements of his role as well as the Head of Student Development (now Careers) role that I was already acting up into. I miss Paul but my new boss has been incredibly supportive and is great to work with (and occasionally she reads this - but I mean it - honest!). I've been asked to carry on acting-up for a further 12 months, after that, who knows what will happen?! I'm very pleased that the Director of Careers role has now been advertised and am looking forward to us getting someone *really* good.

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