Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Careers website now live

I've written a few recently posts about revamping the website and I'm pleased to say it's finally done (it's never finished but you know what I mean). The changes went live just before I went on holiday. We now have a front page that:
  • clearly signposts to our different audiences
  • makes our social media links more prominent
  • allows us adequate advertising space for featured items
  • uses white space more effectively
We also have three new sub-pages for:
Thanks especially to Matt for all his work on this. One thing I'm still not happy with though is the links to Learning Development. Because of the name change we'll need to work hard on making clear where the Learning Development aspect of our service is. To this end I've:
And because Plone's pages work on index numbers all the old links will still work (clever Plone). However, I still got an email yesterday expressing the very legitimate concern...
There seems to have been change to the Student Development website so that now when I go to access it, the Careers Service site comes up. It’s difficult to see from here how to get to the section of the Student Development site that has the downloadable guides on. We refer our students to these quite a lot, so it now seems more awkward to do this. Is this is permanent change to the website do you know?
Any suggestions?

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  1. If you just put "Careers Service (formerly Student Development)" somewhere prominent near the top of your new site -- for like the next few months -- it will help people get used to the new name:-) The site looks really good!