Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Getting into Evernote

I've had an Evernote account (the free version) for several years now, but I've only recently started to use it more and I'm finding it really beneficial. I've always found it useful for making notes in meetings but more recently I've started to use it for book marking (so much so that it's now replaced my use of Diigo - anyone know if I can import my bookmarks?) and also project work. I use Google Docs when I'm collaborating but for just making notes and jotting down ideas Evernote I find better than Google Docs and it's a million times better than putting thoughts down in a Word.doc that I can then only access on campus. The iPad and iPhone/Android apps are really good, and audio and image support is fantastic, but what I'm finding especially helpful is the emailing to Evernote (instructions on the Evernote blog), using:
  • @ to put things in a particular notebook, and
  • # to give things a particular tag.
I've had to rename my notebooks so that it works (they need to be a continuous string of text), so mine are:
  • 01_Default
  • 02_Clippings
  • 03_MeetingNotes
  • 04_Projects
  • 05_Kids (this is where I save pictures of stuff my kids have made me)
 I've also had to hyphenate any multiple word tags for the same reason (e.g. 'social mobility' has become 'social-mobility'). But now it's working a treat and is especially useful for inbox zero.

How are you using it and do you have any suggestions?

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