Friday, 29 May 2009

Viva tips via Twitter

Another Friday afternoon post... I've just run an interesting session with intercalated medical students preparing them for their vivas. I tweeted at the beginning to say:
Preparing intercalated medics for their vivas...
and then I had an idea: why not ask my very helpful twitter followers for tips? So I tweeted again:
If you're feeling helpful pls could u tweet your viva top tips so I can put on twitterfall in class with #vivatips (go on, it's Friday!)
And within seconds I was getting useful tips aggregated via a hashtag and ready to show to my students via Twitterfall. Real time tips from really helpful people (thank you really helpful people!).
The students thought the tips were very useful, Twitterfall was a handy format (once I'd supersized the text and minimised the clutter around the fringes of the screen), and the students added their own tips in class (shame they weren't on Twitter too). My only nagging question was the one Alan posed.


  1. Is there any formal feedback from the students in this session? It's important to capture as much evidence as possible of the effectiveness (or otherwise) of these emerging techniques.

  2. See:

  3. I thought this was a good idea Stu, tho next time give us some more warning so I can think up some cleverer tips! Might see if I can fit something like this into one of my lectures - not that I've got any lined up any time soon...