Monday, 26 April 2010

Playing with different formats

A colleague has just produced a rather natty little paper based resource on Revision and exams - top ten tips for students. You can see it below (imagine it double-sided and folded into eighths).
Revision and Exams - top ten tips

I was trying to thing how best to publish it on our website. The embedded PDF is a a bit unwieldy so I thought I'd try cropping the various images and turning them into a Flickr slide show (thanks to Steve Boneham for reminding me to embed a Flickr slide show in Wordpress - very easy with the Vodpod bookbarklet).

The other thing I've just experimented with is Animoto, complete with inappropriate Jazz soundtrack! Clearly I'd have to get the image size better proportioned, and I assume if I chose a slower soundtrack the images would be able to be on screen for longer so be more easily read - but could work.

Create your own video slideshow at

Just experimenting really. All comments gratefully received.


Having moved my site from to full Wordpress I've just embedded the content using standard html - so you can ignore the bits about vodpod and getting things to embed in wordpress - although I'll leave them in just in case their useful to anyone.


  1. I like the Flickr slideshow in this format.

  2. Hmm, not able to embed slideshow into friendfeed. Shame.

  3. I've just tried it too - Can't get it to work with vodpod either. Must be possible though. Surely