Thursday, 19 August 2010


Just putting up a quick test post for the nice people at Apture. I'd seen this tweet from RWW about using Apture on their site. I clicked on the first link which was a YouTube video and after a quick delay it opened in YouTube rather than playing as a pop out in the RWW site (as shown on this quick screenr). So having had this reply from Apture I thought I'd try this video of Mark Cavendish winning stage 6 sprints on TdF 2010 on my blog to see if it does the same.

PS. I think Apture is brilliant.


  1. Very clever! Can it be added to a word press blog? If so, we could get student to add this to their relective blog/journal which we are introducing for enterprise students?

  2. I'm afraid not, or at least not to their free blogs, because this is a Wordpress plugin so requires hosted Have they started yet though? Would be interested to see them? Are they making them public?