Friday, 6 August 2010

I've just discovered image maps

I'm probably being a bit slow off the mark here but I've just discovered that I can make image maps (or to be more accurate Matt showed me how the other week - he's going to blog about but he's been busy with other posts). I don't need to know about programming to do it (which is just as well), instead I just used

Below is a photograph of Tryfan that I took last time I went up it. It's not the best example but I wanted to demo something that doesn't have straight lines. So if you hover over the image you'll discover various links:
  • the stile links to the Wikipedia entry on stiles (fascinating, I'm sure)
  • the wing mirror links to the 'Let me Google that for you' link for the same
  • and the rocky profile that is Tryfan links to the Wikipedia entry on Tryfan (and if you hover carefully you'll see that the image map for that follows the skyline of the ridge)
All-in-all I think it's pretty clever, and more importantly, potentially very useful, especially since we've tested it and we know it works in our Plone CMS (not everything does). Obviously it will work with any image - not jsut photos, so all I need is a reason to use them. I'm hoping that Marta or Steve or someone else in the team might think of how this would be useful.


Looks like uploading the image is a bit flaky (worked to start with then stopped working) so I've recreated it with a url to the image to see if that's better...


  1. Nice post. Sorry I didn't get round to blogging this.

    As you say you don't necessarily need to know the technicalities but I may post something a bit more techy to help me get my head around it. Especially when it comes to PLONE images, whether we have to ensure we insert them at the original size or the coding is clever enough to adapt to PLONE presets.

  2. No need to apologies - it was cheeky of me to put it up! Looking forward to the techie version

  3. So doesn't seem v stable. Maybe I'll have to learn how to do them myself after all :(

  4. "After the jump are the other misc. puzzle pieces I just found, I'm going to see if they match up with anything and I'll probably create a new post with all ...

  5. They built our house the first time, and it was just a couple years old when it burned down. That was my dad's dream house. One of the things that I would do recently was occasionally look at Google maps. You can look up a satellite image of where you