Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The automated feeds are working

I've just realised that if you edit a news item in Plone that's already published and then save the changes it acts like a newly published item. How do I know this interesting piece of information, I hear you cry? Well, it's funny you should ask that...

Yesterday I was showing a colleague how to create a collection in Plone that would pull in not only the news items that she published in her area of the website but also appropriate news items that others published elsewhere in the Student Development website. So in order to demonstrate this I went to a relevant news item and categorized it (that's what Plone calls it but most people will call this 'tagging') and then saved the changes. The collection item was set up appropriately to display item type (="news item"), location (=, categories (="Leicester Award") and state (="published") - so the item was fed into the collection accordingly. However, it wasn't until I was on Twitter a few minutes later that I realised that adding a category to a news item (or presumably any kind of editing) and then saving the changes causes the item to be re-published. Not only did the news item appear in my colleague's collection it also re-appeared:
Not only that, but within 15 minutes the story was retweeted by University Leicester (followers = 278) and Aaron Porter (followers = 2,031).

The problem was the story was six months old! So we quickly added a sentence to the bottom of the news item to say "The deadline for completion of this year's programme has already passed, but you can register now for the 2010/11 programme."

As my colleague said "It's all good publicity". And at least I know all the feeds are working. Thanks for the retweets!


  1. The RSS feed has been fixed to respect the publishing date in Plone 4, for the record.

  2. Ah! Brilliant. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Just been told who you are. So I'll say thanks a 2nd time for the comment :) And thanks for all your work on plone

  4. A way of getting around the facebook and twitter issues is to ensure the content rule fires on publishing of the news item rather than modification. I haven't used the integration packages myself but I should think this is a trivial change and if not that's an excellent feature request.

  5. Re Facebook integration - what I'd also like to see is if you attach an image to the news item the image, as well as the text, gets published in Facebook. Someone's done it but it doesn't work by default and

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