Thursday, 13 May 2010

Image suggestions outcome

I put up a rather lame post last week called Image suggestions please. It didn't result in any suggestions but it did prompt me to think about it more and do something about it.

So here are the images I came up with.

They look a bit corporate but at least they are consistent and more identifiably us. Though not everyone will like them, as this tweet proved.


  1. Hmmm, tricky one this corporate logo business...

  2. I like the library picture and the drawings on it, but not keen on the corporate logo part :-(

  3. I agree with Jobadge - the one with the drawings on it is really good. The twitter picture howver is looking perhaps a bit impersonal and could potentially make us seem a little less approachable. However, it's difficult to know how to portray friendly and approachable in such a small image. Maybe something like the 'campus sky' image on this page (the one under 'Get the experience you need' - with 'Student Development' written on it? Without meaning to sound cheesey, Student Dev helps students discover their potential (either by helping them academically or vocationally) and I don't think the current pic (or the one before that, for that matter) really convey this. Something like the campus pic with the blue sky is more suggestive of both openness (the pic is literally very open), possibilities ('blue sky thinking' etc) and still maintains a link to Student Dev because it shows the university - which is what we represent.

  4. Hi Jonathan - you have a good point. Not sure about the sky image though. Will keep thinking...

  5. How about this