Wednesday, 12 May 2010

OER study skills tutorials

In my Inspired by Shirky post a few weeks ago I finished up by saying:
If there’s enough interest this post will need a part two, which will be more of a how-to, including the original template files.
Well, I kind of followed it up with Making the plagiarism tutorials creative commons (this is a very self-referential post!), including a link to the template file for the plagiarism tutorials. But it's the critical student tutorial format that I think has more mileage because of the reasons I mentioned in the original post:

  • you don’t need much technical skill (other than a good working knowledge of PowerPoint animation) to create them;
  • other than PowerPoint the tools you can create them with are free (I used Screenr to do the screen capture and audio);
  • neither do the tools require any installation (useful when working in an environment that restricts such things);
  • when published on YouTube you can add closed captions (useful for accessibility reasons);
  • it’s embeddable;
  • and the format is even suitable for mobile devices (like the iPhone).

I also mentioned that we'd need 'a space to discuss and collaborate on the development of the resources.' So I've set up a friendfeed group called OER study skills which will aggregate anything tagged in delicious with 'oerstudyskills' and the hashtag in twitter #oerstudyskills. It will also, of course, allow threaded and searchable discussion to take place.

I had a number of useful and some useful ones on Twitter too, including this one from Michael Fawcett in New Zealand:
So I looked up WikiEducator, the purpose of which is:
I did a search for study skills and it looks like something is already started, but it's at a very early stage and mostly just consists of links out. I think it's a project that will be good to contribute to but but I think the  will be an easier space to discuss and collaborate in, however we can put content on WikiEducator when it's developed.

This post will now need a part three (or part four if you include the Making the plagiarism tutorials creative commons post). The focus of this post ended up being about ideas about facilitating discussion and collaboration (please let me know what you think), the focus of the next one will be the promised 'how to'.

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