Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I've just decoupled the events feed

Having been quite pleased with myself a year ago for figuring out how to automate events notification from our website to Facebook and Twitter I've decided to turn it off. News items will continue to push out automatically but VicJames and I decided that the events notification was just too noisy. Vic is now taking more of a specific responsibility for updating our Facebook and Twitter accounts and it's a much better tone and timing than the automatic events feed (see this for an example). James is beginning to do the same for the postgraduate researcher development accounts. Would be interested to hear what you think...


  1. The personal touch will always win over an autofeed. If you've good staff to take this on then it's a no brainer!! I've always felt the success in your social stuff has been down to good phrasing, tone and timeliness. Long may it continue :-)

  2. Thanks Jo. Good points. I seem to be having problems with Intense Debate commenting. Will try Disqus again...