Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Can someone help me with a CSS?

I really like my new wordpress theme:
  • but the way
  • it formats bullets
  • with these silly
  • little crosses
  • is rather annoying
I think I should be able to change these for something else as the theme has an 'Edit CSS' option. I tried looking at the theme creator's website but to access the support forums you have to 'Go pro' for $48, which (however much I like the theme) I have no intention of doing. So I'm hoping that some kind and clever person can help me change it for free :)

Is is something to do with this bit of the CSS:
    background: url(images/list-item.gif) no-repeat 0 .3em;
    ...and if so what do I change it to?


    1. That looks like the right bit (little hard to tell without seeing more of the code)

      specifically, you will want to locate and change the image it specifies in url(images/list-item.gif)

      It *appears* to be here:

      I expect you could upload your alternative and change the url() to point to your upload

    2. I don't know anything about wordpress, but if you want plain ol circle bullet points then the css is:
      ul {list-style-type: circle;}

      You could also look at W3Schools CSS tutorials for more help!

    3. I expect that in the existing CSS there will be something that says
      list-style-type: none;
      that hides the usual bullet that
      background: url(images/list-item.gif) no-repeat 0 .3em;

    4. Editing the CSS on a blog requires you to buy an "upgrade" - it's one of the freemium features. Check out your WP dashboard.

    5. EDIT: "...that hides the usual bullet that
      background: url(images/list-item.gif) no-repeat 0 .3em; replaces"

    6. Ah - that'll be why I can't edit it! Doh!

    7. Looks like commenters above have beat me to it, so hope you can take it from there. Just out if interest, have you already fixed it or does the mobile theme show 'normal' circle bullets by default?

    8. On the mobile site you get nice little circles

    9. That's really helpful - thanks for such a prompt response. Would love to try it our but AJCann has pointed out that I need to get the custom CSS upgrade for $15 a year to change it, which would only really be worth it if I was going to fiddle around with other bits of the CSS too. Or am I just being tight?