Monday, 22 March 2010

We need a venue

By photonooner
After chatting to Alan and Jo on Friday I've decided that I might possibly try and organise an unconference/TeachMeet type of thing for those of us at UoL involved in teaching. I started to think about it last week and I'm thinking it might be a useful thing to do. If I was to organise one (with all those people who have offered to help) then these are some of the things we'd need from a venue (here come those nasty 'X' bullets again):
  • plenty of space to break out into groups
  • close to University of Leicester campus
  • good wifi coverage
  • facilities for/room to use digital projection
  • available early evening (we thought this might be worth a go)
  • refreshments - hopefully a bar
Some questions:
  1. What else do you think we'd need from a venue?
  2. Do you know of a suitable venue?
  3. Would you be interested in coming if it was to go ahead?


  1. How about the Phoenix Square?
    (Would this just be for UoL people or open to people from other institutions?)

    Also, would be happy to help with organising if you need some extra bodies.

  2. If others wanted to come they'd be welcome. We can make up the rules I think. Would be fantastic if you were happy to help - I hear you know a little bit about this sort of thing (!). You were so quick with your comment though you'll have missed the image for the post I found after I published it!

    is the link for the college L&T day in April. I'd like to have the meeting in the shoe boutique please sir.

  4. I think we could improve on that ;)

  5. PS - did you like my offers of help link?!

  6. No problem - just keep me in the loop and I'll be happy to badger people into making sure the wifi works (that's a full time job, ask Jo! ;-))

  7. Keep this going Stu, it will more than repay your effort. I can help out with some DUET-style temporary structures.

  8. Lest We Forget -

  9. Good point. I'll wear a poppy.

    Any other ideas re a venue?

  10. There's also the LCB depot: