Monday, 29 March 2010

Engaging without invading at ALDinHE

This is an update on the draft of the workshop that I'll be running with Becka Currant on 31 March at the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education conference.

Thank you to all of you who commented on my draft - it was really helpful. The comments especially prompted me to think through the difference between using existing versus new networks, which is the major difference between mine and Becka's approach in using social media to promote student engagement.

In addition to talking through the updated slides below I'm going to make sure that I explain in more detail:
We're still a little unsure of how much we're going to get participants using the tools (as per Steve's comment I'm a bit cautious about it) - it depends what they're current level of knowledge/suspicion is.

Changes to the slides (which you can see below) from last time include:
  • an opening question to find out something of the attitude of workshop participants to using social media for student engagement ('I'm already using it', 'I'd like to but don't know where to start', 'I'm very suspicious of using it')
  • the addition of Ning to encompass Becka's approach at Bradford
  • adding a column for the USA population as per Brendan's comment
  • a slide summarising the differences between existing versus new networks
  • a slide on tone of voice as per Jo's comment
  • I've added a creative commons logo and listed it as such in the slide details
Engaging Without Invading

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This is going to be a much better workshop thanks to eveyone's comments - so thanks very much!


  1. My advice, based on #dr10, is to try to stick to the why and not get bogged down in the how.

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