Friday, 26 March 2010

Facebook page updates

I like the new weekly emails from Facebook with page update information. Here's the one I got yesterday for our Student Development page.
Clearly we need to do more to encourage interactions (wall posts, comments, likes) but the fact that the number of fans continues to go up is encouraging.


  1. Interesting stuff is occurring. Just over a week ago the Friendfeed service moved onto the Facebook data centres, so the convergence is continuing. I'm currently running MicrobiologyBytes satellites both on Friendfeed ( and Facebook ( This is where all the discussion now happens around the content I post on the blog. It would be nice to merge them all in some ways.

  2. That would be good - let me knwo when you figure it out. As you know I have an FF group for uolsd (in addition to the FB page) but don't really do much with it. Maybe I should?

    [Don't know why WP held your comment in moderation and I had to approve it]

  3. Because it had links in it.